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Black Water


"Christians do not live in themselves but in Christ and their neighbor, or else they are not Christian. They live in Christ through faith and in the neighbor through love. Through faith they are caught up beyond themselves into God; likewise through love they fall down beneath themselves into the neighbor--remaining nevertheless always in God and God's love." - Martin Luther, from The Freedom of a Christian 

We are a small church in a farming and ranching community who see signs of God’s work among us and in the surrounding community all the time. We walk together by faith, trusting that God cares deeply for this world, this community, and for you. We live in the midst of the  declining population of our own and of rural communities across the country, and we do experience sadness and loss as the way of life this community was founded on and deeply values changes, yet we still live according to God’s promises given in Christ - “I am with you always” (Matthew 28:20). When we say we see God at work, we mean it! We offer up the values and gifts of this community to God and to the world: meaningful worship, compassionate hearts for service, deep faith traditions, desire to spread God’s word, an influx of young family energy, farming and ranching wisdom, beautiful outdoor environs, freedom of country life... We are confident that these are gifts from God that the world needs to heal and be made whole. This is our calling, to be who God has created us to be in Christ Jesus, confident that God is using our many gifts for the sake of the world’s deepest need. Come and See what God is up to at Emmanuel!

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