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Come and See... - John 1:46

An invitation… The name of our church is “Emmanuel” which means “God-with-us,” and with grateful and generous hearts, we’d like to share this grace with you, in the confidence that God in Christ is here for you. We offer the invitation to come and see, not only what God is up to with us, but what God is up to with you. Maybe you’re new in town and are looking for a church. Come and See. Maybe you’ve lived nearby forever and are wanting to reconnect to a faith community. Come and See. Maybe you’ve been turned off by a church and are struggling with faith. Come and see how your life can be transformed by grace as you grow in faith and fellowship with this community of Emmanuel. Come and See what it means to live out your faith in a community of the Body of Christ called church, a community called to bear witness to God’s creative and redeeming love for the sake of the world. 

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